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Student Handbook

Grades 7 - 12 Cell Phones

Dear Parents of Grade 7-12 Parents;

Cell Phones have become a way of life, a technological convenience that has impacted all of our lives in one way or another. However, we have noticed, in the school environment, that cell phones have become a distraction, and interruption. Incoming phone calls and text messaging takes away from the valuable time needed for instruction and most importantly, student learning. We do realize that cell phones can be a safety/security tool; however they can be a deterrent in the event of a building emergency and our protocol to manage such emergencies in a safe and effective manner. Parents are urged to utilize the school phone to relay any messages that are urgent in nature for your child.

Also, each Grade 7-12 student has been assigned a school laptop, and will be used in the classroom if a technological tool is needed. If students choose to bring his/her cell phone to school, they will only be allowed to use the cell phone before school, breaks, noon, and afterschool.

Therefore, no student will be allowed to use a cell phone during DLC or classroom based courses. If a student is found to use a cell phone, the phone will be confiscated and delivered to the office.

Consequences will be in place. Also, a student that refuses to comply with a request to surrender his/her cell phone by any member of the staff, will be considered insubordinate.

Our goal is to create a safe learning environment, conducive to learning, and free of all distractions that hinder the learning process. This cell phone policy is included in our student handbook. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Sincerely; Grade 7-12 Teachers

Supporting DLC Learners in Kyle School: The Distance Learning Room

Our Distance Learning takes place mainly in our new DLC space (formerly the Food Studies Lab) and the library.

Students are able to use their assigned laptops or Desk top computers that are provided in these rooms.

Students are to work quietly and respect the other students in the room who are also working. Our new cell phone policy will be followed.

Mrs. Richardson will be the DLC supervisor.

Expectations of DLC students: Grade 10 students will enroll in one DLC course; and Grade 11/12 will be able to choose elective based options.

There is a period scheduled on even days for the student to work on his/her DLC course. Period 5 on Days 2,4, and 6. Some students may have other available periods to spend working on DLC as well.

The DLC course is treated like a regular class. Attendance will be taken, and you need to be on time.

DLC Students need to stay on track, and meet due dates. If they miss a class, they will need to make it up. DLC students need to ask for help when they need it. Check with the DLC supervisor Mrs. Richardson, and email their teacher in Kenaston.

Mrs. Richardson will have tracking sheets, visibly, posted for each DLC student.

The DLC teacher will email when students are falling behind. If a student does fall behind, he/she will be expected to go to the Homework Hall at noon hour. If the student has a spare he/she will need to stay until they are current in his/her course.

DLC students are encouraged to finish their courses early.

We look forward to having students with great success in their DLC courses!

School Calendar/Kindergarten Calendar

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